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DEP was founded in Montreal by Maurice Courtois in 1996. DEP, for Distribution Exclusive Pindoff, was at that time an independent business devoted to music and film distribution across Canada.

Over the years, DEP Distribution will make her place in the Canadian industry and stand quickly as a leader, due to agreements with record labels like: Spectra Musique (Vincent Vallières, Patrice Michaud), La Tribu (Les Cowboys Fringants), Dare to Care / Grosse Boîte (Cœur de Pirate), Instinct Musique (Éric Lapointe), Coyote Records (Karim Ouellet), Sphère (Antoine Gratton, Tremblay), Les Disques Victoire (Mes Aïeux), Vega Musique (Lynda Thalie, The Seasons), Slam Disques (On a créé un monstre, Charlie Foxtrott). DEP is also taking care of Canadian distribution for all musical products from Universal Music France.

It’s a well-known fact; the musical industry has undergone many major transformations and a lot of pressure during the first decade of the century. With a desire to cope with those changes (instead of denying their existence), DEP Distribution decided to widen her range of services, suggesting a platform for digital distribution starting 2005.

In 2011, DEP Distribution and Believe Digital started discussions in order to offer digital distribution to the Canadian artists from the French association. Believe Digital Canada was born in Septembre 2012 and therefore becomes the very office in North America, joining Believe Digital offices from around the world.

Over the years, the company has greatly evolved; besides, the signification of the letters DEP was changed to represent in a better way the actual reality of her business model. Therefore, DEP now means Distribution Edition Promotion:

A reflection of her capacity to completely adapt new realities, DEP now offers to independent artists (producers, record labels) a large range of services in order to optimize visibility, actual as much as virtual, to make sure that every artisan has the possibility to maximize his profits and to make his talent shine, here as elsewhere.


  • Product Management: a product manager will support you along your project and will suggest the best commercialization strategy for your needs. The project manager will coordinate production, commercialization and marketing strategies, and also manage crisis if needed.
  • Physical distribution of products
  • Digital distribution of products (See range of services at Believe Digital Canada )
  • Media placement (Beat Media)
  • Edition and synchronization
  • Community management


Over the years, DEP Distribution was granted recognition from the industry. Winner of 4 Félix (Distributor of the year), passing by numerous golden records (Stromae – Racine Carrée, Les Sœurs Boulay – Le poids des confettis), platinum records (Mes Aïeux - La Ligne Orange, Fred Pellerin - Plus Tard Qu'on Pense, Coeur De Pirate – Blonde, Éric Lapointe - Coupable) and double-platinum (Mes Aïeux – En famille, Fred Pellerin – Silence) in which DEP contributed to the realization of these success. DEP demonstrated innovation, creativity and leadership in all of her projects… for the last 20 years.


In 2016, DEP will be celebrating 20 years of existence. A new logo, a new website… and it’s only the beginning. Stay tuned, DEP has a ton of surprises in store for the incoming year!


Maurice Courtois

514 278-2208

Georges Tremblay

514 278-2039

Nicolas Leroux

Sales Director
514 278-2411

Marc Paré

Director, administration & finances

Laurence Lebel

Executive assistant
514 278-2001

Carl Lapointe

Production, Operations, Purchasing Coordinator

Pasqualina Pisano

Sales Coordinator
514 278-2309

Pierre Moffatt

Product Manager
514 278-2563

Claude Dauphin

Representative - Francophone repertoire
514 278-2462

Tara Lalonde

IT Manager

Valérie Papineau

Accounting department

Geneviève Gaudet

Director, media placement BEAT

Chantal Racicot

Accounting and Operations Departmentl

Karine Lafleur

Label Manager