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Legend of Bruce Lee - Volume 1 (3DVD)

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Young Bruce Lee (Danny Chan, IP MAN 3, KUNG FU HUSTLE) has no interest in studying and is obsessed with martial arts. After losing a street fight, he resolves to master kung fu under the tutelage of Master Ye Wen. Targeted by street gangs after standing up for the weak, Bruce has no other option but to leave Hong Kong for a strange and far off land: America. At the University of Washington Bruce starts teaching martial arts and befriends an American girl named Linda (Michelle Lang). An extraordinary performance at a national karate championship launches Bruce, his film career, and his kung fu school on the path to international renown.

Danny Chan brings the legendary figure of Bruce Lee and his incredible story to life in the first 10 of 30 action-packed episodes.

Director: Li Wenqi
Cast: Danny Chan, Michelle Lang, Mark Dacascos, Wang Luoyang, Tim Storms, Ray Park, Michael Jai White
Run Time: 451 minutes (10 episodes)
Dubbed Language: English

  • Média : DVD
  • Date de parution : 2016-11-01
  • Étiquette : Well Go USA Entertainment
  • Numéro de catalogue : WGU01756D
  • UPC : 812491017562
  • Code de prix : 24,95 $